The Best Movie Sites

If you are like me and love to watch movies, you'll find the info here pretty useful!

If you like watching your favorite TV shows and movies online, I’m pretty sure you have heard or you’re already a user of 1Channel. If you haven’t heard of this website yet, here are a few words about it. 

First of all, it is a user contributed video directory, for almost any TV show ever released, films, and music videos. It’s hosted on servers located in different countries in Europe, including Germany, Sweden and Estonia, and so far is one of the most popular movies and TV shows portals known in Europe and the U.S. Formerly known as, was published in February 2009. 

In May 2013, it’s been reported to have been “hijacked”. Although the website is still currently functional, and the team is constantly working to fix any of the damage done, users are advised to go with the original version of the site,  instead. Also, it’s not a bad idea to have a solid list of similar portals, just in case goes offline due to various reasons, to be able to continue viewing your favorite TV shows. 

And if you’re looking for an alternative list to 1Channel, here are a few viable options for you:

It’s a similar movie portal to 1Channel. It’s a user generated site, link-sharing-based website, where you can find a wide palette of TV shows, TV series, cartoon and anime series, music videos and movies. They are all available in streaming format without any download links. This movie portal is currently rated within the top 1000 websites in U.K. 


One of the best movie sites was Movie2k. Unfortunately Movie2k was shut down in late May 2013, due to infringement reasons. However, it appears that Movie2k will soon re-emerge as Movie4k, providing the same service, such as the possibility to freely watch TV shows and movies online. 


Launched in the spring of 2007 and featured by CNET, has been around ever since, allowing the users to view their favorite TV shows online, actually focusing on TV shows. The web-portal doesn’t only focus on providing complete TV series to watch, it also provides short but condensed reviews of each episode of each show. So, you can find quick info about episodes you had to jump over, or missed due to various reasons. 

The list continues with the rest of the best movie sites. Follow one of these links to see them, bookmark them all, and have them just in case one of the TV show episodes you’re currently watching isn’t available on or your current web-portal for TV shows and movies.